Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Sister

This picture is a little dark cause it was first thing
in the morning and there was no light on. I put the
kids in the bed next to Trevyn so he would wake up.
It turned out to be a cute picture!

Lilly is telling Quinn to be quite. He hardly was making
a peep. She likes to be in control.

Lilly loves to hold Quinn all the time! She
thinks he's her baby. She is very helpful which
makes me glad they are 2yrs and 8months apart.
If she was any younger when I had him I don't
think I would be having such great help.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blessing Day

Trevyn's side of the family missing two brothers and
one sister.

My side of the family missing two brothers, a sister
in-law and one nephew.

This is a 4 generation picture! Trevyn's Grandpa Meyer
on the right his dad Phil Meyer on the left and Trevyn
in the middle holding Quinn.