Sunday, January 29, 2012

Riding Horses April 2011

I wonder what side of the family she looks like
right now. Well I'm sure the Doty's can. What is
with the tung thing.

My kids love going to Thanksgiving Point to see
the animals and ride the horses!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Missing Child March 2011

I leave this kid alone for 5 min and then
he's missing. I looked everywhere in the
house and then found him down stairs in
the laundry room inside the dryer.

Bowling March 2011

Theres Trevyn thinking he's so good at everything.
Ha ha! I always beat him at bowling but with the kids
it was hard to concentrate.

Quinn had lots of fun but because he's 2 he likes to
not listen and play every turn rather then giving us a
chance to play.

Lilly did really well and since she is 4 she actual
listened and we had a great time.

Quinn March 2011

Quinn's first time drinking a Capri sun.
This was so funny because he grabbed the
edges with his finger tips. lol!!

Games Feb 2011

Lilly has become pretty good at PS3

Sad Little Boy Feb 2011

Quinn wanted to go to preschool with Lilly
so he took her backpack and put it on. He
was crying when we tried taking it off him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sickies Feb 2011

Both kids had strep throat. That was
Quinn's first time getting it.

Lilly on the other hand gets strep about
2-3 times a year. We are thinking of removing
her tonsils before kindergarden but we will see.

Grandma Feb 2011

Grandma Doty came to visit from Oregon. We
always love to see grandma and grandpa!

Feb. 2011

I had a Birthday and turned 31. I can't
find any pictures that i took so hopefully
i'll do better next time. I also can't even
remember what I did. Ha ha! Oh well.

Boys! Jan 2011

Quinn loves to climb!

He's climbing again. All day long I'm
taking down off of furniture.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lillian's Birthday! Dec. 2010

We had 10 kids come over for Lilly's
birthday party. It was crazy!

She turned 4yrs old and we can't believe
how time has flown by.

Loving the car! Dec. 2010

Lillian drives while Quinn just loves
going for a ride.

She was a little crazy driving at first but
picked it up quickly. Im waiting for Quinn
to be a little older before he's behind the

This is Mya Lilly's cousin driving and
Lilly telling her what to do.

Christmas 2010

This picture is a little blurry but i'm
so glad they both sat on Santa's lap!

The kids got a lot of stuff this year for Christmas
but there big gift from santa was this car to drive.
They both couldn't wait to go for a ride.

Whats funny is Santa forgot it needed to
charge for 24 hours before using so they
had to wait and drive it the next day.

Preschool Christmas Program 2010

Lilly is dancing with her favorite boy Rowen!
Its so cute at this age to see them partner up
and try to dance.

Lilly sung the songs and danced but
was a little shy. Whats funny is she's not shy
but performing in front of a crowd is nerve
racking for her. That reminds me of myself. Not
Trevyn though he likes to perform and thinks
he's a star.

This picture is most of the kids in her class. They
put on a great performance. Her teacher did a great job.