Thursday, September 23, 2010

All over the place

Quinn walks everywhere now. Thank goodness cause
my back is tired of caring him, except he's always into
everything. I've kind of forgotten about this

Finally walking

Quinn got this toy from Grandma Mavis and he loves it.
He plays with it everyday!! He just started walking
these last 2 weeks.

First day of PRESCHOOL!!

She was so excited on her first day of preschool! Lilly
has been asking for weeks when do i get to go to school?

So she is a little young to know who Hannah Montana is
but she picked this back pack out her self. I bought her
a cute preschool back pack from pottery barn and got her
name on it but it was on back order. I guess this will do.
I just wanted everything to be perfect on her first day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVYN!!......Yes you are still
younger then me!

Happy Birthdy Quinn!!

I 'm having a panic attack right at this moment, I
didn't let Lilly get this messy!!

I like this pic better! Just a little food on the face!!

Opening his gifts! We had lots of family here!!
Quinn got some great BOY toys!!

He's looking at the cake like let me destroy this!

I just added this old pic in cause i thought this picture
is so funny cause Lilly put one of her old bibs on him!