Monday, March 2, 2009

The big bed

The last 2 weeks I have been feeling a lot better. Now I can start the few goals regarding Lilly that I wanted to accomplish before the next baby arrives. The first is Lillian sleeping in a big bed. She has been doing really well so far. The only problem we have had is that she wants one of us to sleep next to her. Whats really funny is after the first night she woke up the next morning got out of bed and said, Hannah help! She couldn't open the door. Oh and she calls me Hannah now instead of mom. We are working on that one with her. It's really not that funny anymore. Whats really great is that was the only time she has gotten out of bed in the morning. She just sits in her bed and yells for us. What a good little girl! Except I have a feeling that wont last long.


Erika + Sean said...

My two year old niece has stopped using "mom" and is on a first-name basis, now. Must be part of the "terrible twos".

I'd love for you to come see the nursery! Not sure if my sister/mom told you, but they're throwing me a shower on April 4. Maybe we could do a little "nursery tour" after that (hopefully it will be put together by then). =)

Paula-Adam said...

I know what you are dealing with. Emma HAS to have one of us sleep by her till she falls asleep...I woulndn't mind that AT ALL BUT she wakes up and opens the door, comes to our bed at 1am and 4am EVERY morning and wants us to come back and sleep next to her AGAIN till she falls asleep...go figure..will I ever sleep again?

Boren Family said...

Lilly is so cute. We are glad to hear that you are doing better. Hopefully it just keeps getting better for you.