Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random iPhone pics

I laugh every time I see this picture, where
is his neck. lol!

It is so funny how when I tell Trevyn to
start Lillian's bath and she is requesting
bubbles that he can't put a little bit in it has
to be the whole bottle! It looks like fun but
when its time to wash and get out we cant
get all the bubbles off of her. "Someone" didn't
think that all the way through. haha!!

I just love this picture because it shows how
much Lillian loves her little brother. What
is so cute is that she is trying to have him
watch a movie with her. I know Lilly has no
clothes on and let me tell you why. She likes to
take them off, that simple. I put them back on
her 3 different times that day, then I just gave
up. Fun stuff!!

1 comment:

Erika + Sean said...

SO CUTE! I love all of the bubbles - such a husband thing to do. :)